Notice of Series and Sailing Instructions for PHRF Race Series

  1. RULES
    1. The races will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, 2021- 2024 (RRS).
    2. The Racing Rules will be modified as follows:
      1. Rule 26 will not be used. See "THE START" below.
      2. All Penalty Turns shall be One-Turn only. This changes Rule 44.1
      3. Missing Marks: see Section V (3). This changes Rule 34.
    1. The races are open to all sailboats with a West Florida PHRF Rating, or whose equivalent rating can be determined by the Race Series organizers.
    2. Participating boats must register for each race either by:
      1. Responding to an individual email invitation as indicated within the email
      2. OR, by sending an email to, with:
        1. Skipper's name and contact information
        2. Boat Name & Sail Number
        3. Boat Type
        4. PHRF Rating (RLC) (use Spin rating if a spinnaker will be used)
      3. at least 24 hours preceding the race
    3. All races will be Pursuit Start, based on each boat's WFPHRF RLC rating.
    1. Emails with Course details, Competitor's Start Time, and Other Competitor details will be sent to registered competitors at least 2 hours before the race, after a reliable wind forecast has been determined. Always check your spam/junk folder. This information will also be available at
    2. Boats rated higher than 240 may be asked to start before the nominal start time.
    3. If a registered boat later decides not to sail, as a courtesy, it should notify other competitors. Email addresses of all competitors can be found in the Course and Start Times email.
    1. One race will be conducted on each of the dates specified on the calendar at
    2. The calendar may be modified at any time throughout the racing season.
    1. The Courses will use both government (intra-coastal waterway) marks prefixed with "IC" and "NP", and Sarasota Sailing Squadron private marks labelled "A" thru "L" (see the map at is more mark information here, and a .gpx file here, containing all of the marks used and suitable for loading into GPS devices.
    2. Leave all marks to port, unless the Course designates the mark with a trailing "s" - in which case, leave it to starboard.
    3. Marks sometimes drift, or go missing completely. When sailing toward a mark:
      • If the mark is missing, sail within 50ft of its GPS-indicated location, leaving it to port or starboard as indicated by the course.
      • If the mark is visible, but not at its GPS-indicated location, sail around the visible mark, leaving it to port or starboard as indicated by the course.
      • Advise other boats of missing or mis-located marks on the assigned VHF channel (see "RADIO COMMUNICATION").
    4. Missed Marks: Because there are no support boats, competitors shall police themselves. When a boat is observed to miss a mark, or head in the wrong direction, other competitors shall, whenever possible, hail that boat, using the assigned VHF channel if necessary, and advise her of the observation. (see "RADIO COMMUNICATION")
    1. the Start is an imaginary line running perpendicular to the first course leg, thru the Starting mark. Start on either side of the mark, but within 100 feet of it. There is no RC boat. There are no support boats
    2. Start at your designated Start Time, as indicated by a GPS or cellphone.
    1. the Finish is an imaginary line running perpendicular to the last course leg, thru the Finish mark. Finish on either side of the mark, but within 100 feet of it. There is no RC boat
    2. Record your own Finish Time, and note the boats before and after you where possible. Report this information to: within 24 hours, in order to be scored.
    1. Boats will be rated according to their PHRF rating. Boats must declare whether they intend to sail with a spinnaker when registering and this declaration cannot be changed once the entry deadline has passed for the race. Starting times will be based on a boat's rating and will be calculated so that the first boat to finish will have the best corrected time and will be declared the winner.
    2. Race results will be emailed to registered competitors within 48 hours following each race.
      Communicate with other boats on Ch 78. There is no RC boat. There are no support boats.
      Competitors participate in the Races Series entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after any of the races. No Race will be canceled for weather.
      Send email to: